Security & Safety

  1. The following emergency numbers are of importance:
    • Family on farm: Ian 074 024 6519 and Pieter 082 855 2794
    • Police: 071 877 1293
    • Ambulance: 015 306 0666
    • Dr Spies & Partners: 015 307 7575
    • Security company: To Follow
    • Tzaneng Pharmacy: 015 307 4177
  2. The retreat is completely fenced off but due to the river flowing through the property it may not be completely intruder free.
  3. In the event of fire:
    • Make sure all visitors are brought to safety and accounted for. Leave your luggage as your life is more important.
    • Phone the Family on the number's given above.
    • Use the clearly demarcated fire hydrant to extinguish the fire.
    • The front and back door keys are in a special emergency box.
      If you are inside the building and you do not have your own keys than use the emergency keys in the box on the wall to get out of the building.
    • You will find a First Aid Box on the shelf in the passage to assist you with minor cuts and injuries
  4. Crime prevention
    • Don’t leave valuable items in your room. Use the safe and lock your room and windows when leaving.
    • Ensure firearms are kept in the safe.
    • Remember to lock your car.
    • If something goes missing please inform the caretaker immediately.

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