Use of Facilities

  1. All facilities are used at your own risk
  2. Nature and animal life
    • The WaterWheel is a very dangerous construction extra caution needs to be taken around it no kids left unattended

    • Refrain from feeding the animals.
    • Do not remove any plants or trees.
    • You may not light any fires accept at the demarcated areas in front of the lodge. Please keep to the pebbled areas for the braai’s
    • Please do not collect any fire wood. Wood can be obtained from the wood storage area next to the ‘barn’
    • No camping will be permitted without prior approval.
    • Please do not litter and bring back all bags, packets and leftovers etc. to be discarded at the house.
    • Please use the toilets at the lodge and the ones placed on route to the waterfall and not the bushes.
    • Fireworks/crackers are prohibited at the resort.
    • Refrain from smoking while taking a walk and only smoke at designated areas.
  3. Water features and swimming
    • Swimming in the river and rock pool is allowed. Rocks can be extremely slippery and remember that you use all facilities at your own risk.
    • Do not bring any glass containers please.
    • The rock pool is ideal to cool off as well.
  4. Cycling
    • Look after our bicycle as if your own.
    • Clean the bicycle after your return and before restoring it.
    • Report any damage or problems with the bicycle to the caretaker.

God gives us the ingredients for our daily bread but expects us to do the baking – Anon