What to do at the retreat :

  1. Take walks alongside the river on the paths provided.
  2. Visit the waterfall.
  3. Be adventurous and follow the river downstream creating your own route.
  4. Relax on the benches provided or at any other spot you fancy.
  5. Cool off in any of the pools in the river or in the rock pool.
  6. Fly fishing could add to your enjoyment.
  7. Prepare lunch at the river on the braai’s provided.
  8. Have a sundowner at the river and enjoy the evening with a boma fire.
  9. Relax in your room with a good book and tranquil music provided.
  10. Play a game or two and build a puzzle – all available on the shelves.
  11. Play a game of ‘jukskei’.
  12. Go cycling with your partner.
  13. Sleep in and catch up on some long overdue rest.
  14. Visit our plantation and enjoy the view over the mountains and valleys of Georges Valley. Please arrange beforehand with the Family Ian or Pieter.
  15. Take some time to show how good you are with a traditional ketty.

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