Our Purpose

... to spoil those people who contribute so much towards the less fortunate in our communities. The underprivileged are in the main supported by government, companies and many individuals. We are very thankful for this. However, mostly voluntary staff support these organisations and we need to say thank you to them. And, what better way than to come and relax for a few days at the country retreat – to unwind and enjoy what we have to offer.

Who qualify to make use of Water Wheel Retreat ?

Any person or group of people that serve their communities in an unselfish way qualify to visit the retreat for free. We make the facilities available to people who really contribute so much to those in need in our society without profiting financially from it.

How to apply ?

Please contact R Wesseloo on the email address provided on the website stating name, organisation that is served, contact details, date and for how long you would like to stay (4 days max) as well as a short justification as to why you think you qualify for the visit.

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